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Entry Grade 8 Course

Thursday, September 15, 2016
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PARENTS: Please be aware that this Arbiter System requires an individualized valid email address for each person (the system's unique record identifier), therefore, your single family email address for all members of your family will not work. You can not register every one with a single email address. You need to establish an individual email address for each member of your family that is becoming a referee, before you proceed any further. From this point forward, we presume each person applying to become a referee has a personal email address and all instructions are anticipating this.

If this is your first attempt to sign on to Arbiter, please follow the instructions below. We recommend you print this document to help you and if you have any questions, your first source is your local District Referee Administrator (DRA). You will find contact information in this document which you may print or download for future reference.

  • Print these instructions.

  • Click on the Registration tab above. This will open the “Registration Dashboard”.

  • Click on the “2017 New Referee Entry Grade 8” link.

  • Complete all the fields on the “Personal Information” page. A word of caution: We do require the actual social security number that was issued to the applicant. The State of Florida has a statutory requirement for background and age verification checks. Any errors in this requirement may stall, temporarily or otherwise, this process. When you are done, click “Next”.

  • Answer the “Conviction Affidavit”, regardless of age, on the next page and click “Next”.

  • Consent to the background check on the next page. It must be answered “Yes” or the registration will stop. Click “Next”.

  • On the next page choose your District or if you do not know it, search for it by following the instructions on the page. Click “Next” when done.

  • On the next page you will pay online. This payment is non-refundable and it includes your certification and registration fee, your educational material and class instruction if any and your background and or verification fee which will be completed by Florida Youth Soccer Association (FYSA). Again, this fee is non-refundable because it is earned as soon as you complete your registration.

  • Once your payment has been received, you will be able to choose a classroom event you would like to attend, on the next page. Be careful here so you do not accidentally choose the wrong one.

  • Once this has been done, you may start completing all of your listed requirements. Your Dashboard will keep you up-to-date on your progress.

  • It is recommended that you complete all of the online requirements before you get to class, it will make it easier for you to comprehend and absorb all of the new material you will need to successfully negotiate the test.

Be aware that unless all of the listed requirements are met, you will not be certified and your name will not be submitted to the Federation for registration.

If you still need help please email

Thank you for choosing to become a Florida Soccer Referee.

Abrom Douglas, Jr.
FL Soccer SRC Inc


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